West Covina: A City in Development

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West Covina: A City in Development

West Covina is growing. Although the population’s growth has stagnated, the economy has not. New and exciting retail and food service establishments are popping up all across the region, and as they are doing so, citizens and established businesses alike are taking notice of the security procedures they’re bringing to bear on their construction sites, and ultimately, retail establishments.
Major retailers in communities like West Covina are taking advantage of private security to cut down on shoplifting, protect construction sites, and generally speaking, create powerful deterrents for criminals and malcontents of all sorts.

APS Provides Top-of-The-Line Security Services
APS provides industry defining levels of security services to its clients in the West Covina area. We’re a company focused on the customer, first and foremost, and that means brining talented security professionals to our clients quickly and whenever they’re needs. Thankfully, because of this focus on customer service, APS has developed hiring practices that allow us to have guards on the scene in as little as two hours from the time of ordering. Additionally, because we care, APS has dispatchers available 24/7.
Truly, thanks to the ease of our ordering process, and the transparency we provide when it comes to price, APS stands head and shoulders above our competitors.

APS Is Specially Equipped to Serve West Covina
APS is locally focused. That means that the guards that serve the West Covina area are hired from the West Covina area. This gives our guards two powerful tools when it comes to serving the area, that we believe makes them better than their competitors. First, their local connections motivate them to greater attentiveness and professionalism. Because our guards serve in the communities in which they live, their security work is more than just a pay-check, it’s a matter of civic pride. Second, our local guards come with local knowledge, and that gives them the ability to tap into the culture of the place they’re operating, and find solutions to security threats and disturbances that mesh with the culture, as opposed to clashing.
If you’re local to West Covina and looking for more information regarding private security, call one of our dispatchers today or contact us on online order form. They’ll be able to walk you through the pricing and patrol options, so you can make an informed decision about how best to protect your interests.

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