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Security Concerns: When And Why You Need A Casino Security Guard

There are many unique concerns for a casino and it takes a special person to be a successful casino security guard. All locations have special security concerns unique to their environment. Casinos tend to have a larger set of security issues than many other venues. Casinos are centers of entertainment with hotels, restaurants, and have in their possession substantial amounts of cash.

One of the major factors that adds to these potential hazards is that at any given time casinos are often extremely crowded places full of people in various levels of intoxication and frenzy. Large crowds are a serious concern because the more people in any given location the more likely something could go wrong. This could be an assault on a patron, thieves seeking an easy target, or accidents that could have been prevented or detected if there were fewer people in the location. Whatever happens in a casino doesn’t stay in a casino.

Casinos have, over the years, developed unique ways to help reduce the tendency of these events occurring. They have also found ways to identify any potentially hazardous event before it becomes a major concern. However, if all of these fail, and at times they will fail, casinos have developed strategies to address these issues.


Security And Surveillance Officers: What It Means To Be A Casino Security Guard

The number one goal and focus of attention for any casino security guard or surveillance officer in a casino environment is the same as in virtually any other facility: protect the patrons, casino employees and the assets of the organization. They need to maintain focus in an extremely stimulating environemt. There are loud noises and exuberant people around every corner. 

Because this role is vitally important, both of these type of casino security guard positions are very meticulous concerning their job responsibilities. A a casino security guard or officer’s main responsibility include patrolling the facility, investigating anything suspicious, enforcing casino’s rules and policies, responding to emergency events, and the protection and escorting anyone transporting casino chips.

In most cases, a Casino Security Guard must remain highly visible throughout the establishment they protect; this way they can better help any customer or employee in need of assistance. Being high visibility also helps to discourage potential criminals and their activities.


How To Hire A APS Casino Security Guard

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