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The Duties of a Mall Security Guard

The Need for a Mall Security Guard

There are many different types of security guard jobs and it is a good idea to explore your options before you start sending out resumes within the security industry. Some people may be well suited for several different kinds of security guard jobs, while other may find that one type of job is much better suited to them.
One of the types of security guard jobs that you might want to explore is the mall security guard position. Security guard training is necessary for this job, as it is for all security guard jobs. Training will help you learn how to manage the responsibilities that are required in a shopping mall setting.

The Duties of a Mall Security Guard Some of the duties that a mall security guard will be expected to be responsible for are preventing criminal activities, like shoplifting, and maintaining order amongst the shoppers. You may be needed to mediate disagreements or to escort people out of the mall. A mall security guard is present in malls during business hours and when the mall is closed. Security guards need to make sure that all doors and locks are secure.
As of 2010, reported that a mall security guard jobs could earn around $29,000 a year. A high school diploma or a GED is required and you should take courses like social studies, physical education and government regulations. These types of courses will increase your chances of getting the job. On top of that, you must complete a security guard training program that has been recognized.

To work in as a mall security guard, you must be able to pass criminal record checks (among others). If you have a conviction or a record of a felony you will not be able to work in a mall as a security guard. Before you begin a job you will need to take a pre-assignment training session that lasts about 8 hours. This will give you a better overview of what will be expected of you and whether or not you are well suited for the job. If you complete this training session successfully, you will be eligible to start on-the-job training.

Some of your training will include knowledge about trespassing laws, handling crowds, and law enforcement.

A mall security guard is always in demand because of the amount of malls that are continually being built. Even in an unstable economy, people still love to shop and malls are one of their favorite places to find what they need

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