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The Proud World Of The Top Security Guard Companies

There is an exciting, rich, storied industry hidden in plain sight in every big city and small town in the United States. It exists to bring comfort, prevent crime and save lives. It bridges the gap between law enforcement and civilians, and APS® is proud to be one of the world’s best security guard companies. Private security guard companies make up an amazing industry that bolsters so many others. 


What APS Does

APS has been around for twenty years, and in that time as one of the nation’s leading security guard companies, we have provided unarmed and armed security guard protection for thousands of people and companies. We offer the most varied services menu of all the largest security guard companies in Los Angeles. 


  • Emergency alarm response
  • Museum exhibits, art show, installations
  • Bodyguard Services
  • Merry events such as fairs, carnivals, concerts, circuses, etc.
  • Large scale maintenance and construction projects
  • Seminars, conventions and conferences
  • Emergency crime and disaster response
  • Large festivals and events
  • Wakes, funerals, cemeteries
  • Gaming/Sporting Events/Marathons
  • Home Services
  • Movie Screenings and premiers, on set and production services
  • Open houses, estate sales, moving, foreclosures
  • Large and small parades
  • Parking management and security
  • Large and small scale events
  • Fumigation and pest control 

Many of our security guards are LA transplants and new to working with security guard companies, and they have been secretly very star struck with some of the celebrities they have had the opportunity to guard. We do not like to name names, but let’s just say that a lot of people enjoy keeping up with the large mixed family of one of our clients. Security guard companies certainly do come with perks!


Do You Need Us?

We have worked with a vast array of recognizable names who have wanted and needed to work with none but the best security guard companies in the industry, but we think that the people worthiest of being celebrated are the men and women who fill our own ranks. A lot of our security guards are past military and law enforcement. Their skills are perfectly suited for private security jobs, and their innate drive to help people makes them truly wonderful security jobs. We are often amazed at the stories of the men and women in our ranks, no more so than the heroes who come to us in search of a second career.

Our security guards do great work and we are honored to work with them. If you would like to work with them and one of the best security guard companies in the the world, too, and see what our security guard companies are all about call us today at 1-866-770-0004 or contact us at online order form.

We are proud to serve all of Greater Los Angeles!

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