Parking Security Is Crucial During Winter Months

By |2024-01-12T18:27:59+00:00January 12th, 2024|

Shorter winter days mean shoppers and workers often leave or return to their cars in the dark. The cover of darkness emboldens criminals to act. It’s up to those managing parking lots and garages to ensure parking security measures are in place. Safety Concerns. Personal safety is top-of-mind. People feel vulnerable. Knowing that security guards [...]

Vehicle Theft Reaches Record Numbers in 2022

By |2023-03-28T14:57:43+00:00March 28th, 2023|

In 2022, 1,001,967 vehicles were stolen in the U.S., a 200,000 increase since 2019 and the highest number in 15 years. According to the National Crime Information Center, California led the way with 202,685 stolen vehicles last year. Bakersfield had the highest theft rate in the nation. Many of these vehicle thefts occur in retail [...]