Security Guards Step In To Protect Retail Workers

By |2020-06-25T14:35:26+00:00June 25th, 2020|

Instances of violence against retail workers are on the rise. Some customers are upset that they have to wear masks and follow other coronavirus guidelines. Short fuses seem to be the norm in the unsettled world we live in. Retail workers are vulnerable. Security guards are now being assigned to protect retail employees from harm. [...]

Big Box Warehouse Stores Face Mounting Security Issues

By |2020-04-23T21:24:48+00:00April 10th, 2020|

Big box warehouse stores are having to adopt to the ever-changing security issues as a result of COVID-19. Although the hysteria over hard-to-find goods seems to have passed (at least for now), security guards at warehouse stores must make sure that all safety and health guidelines are being properly enforced. Retail Grocery Store Security. Costco [...]

Grocery Store Security

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We live in unsettling times. Besides the almost empty freeways, the most surreal scenes are at grocery stores.  Shelves are empty of sought-after items. Tape is on the floor indicating where we should stand so we don't get too close to one another in the checkout line. Glass now separates cashiers from customers. Shoppers wear [...]

Stores Implement Stronger Security Measures As Coronavirus Crisis Intensifies

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Now that most retail and food outlets are closed due to the coronavirus crisis, those locations that remain open are taking extra security measures. Businesses with reduced staff or that are on total shutdown are also increasing security, as these outlets can be more vulnerable to theft. California Governor Gavin Newsom announced on March 19 [...]