San Francisco Security Guards Offer Protection Against Shoplifters

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San Francisco Security Guards Offer Protection Against Shoplifters News reports of a Walgreens closing in San Francisco due to excessive shoplifting is a sign of the times. Without a store security guard presence, criminals believe they can take what they want and leave without repercussions. And today, with face coverings required, the chances for identification [...]

Uptick In Robberies: Criminals Hide Behind Masks During Health Crisis To Rob Stores

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Criminals are taking advantage of the current health crisis and mask requirements to rob grocery and convenience stores. Since customers entering stores are wearing gear that covers their face, storeowners can't tell who is an actual customer and who is a robber. In Santa Ana, robberies have increased 50 percent since the lockdown according to [...]

Security Guards Attacked By Target Customers Who Refused To Wear Face Masks

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A security guard's arm was broken and two other guards were attacked by two men in a Van Nuys Target. The attack occurred when the customers were being escorted out the store for failing to complying with store policy that required all customers wear face masks. Here's the video: One of the primary responsibilities [...]