Houses of Worship Around The Country Are Adding Security

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Houses of worship around the country are adding security guards and other security measures to keep their congregations safe. All Faiths Seeking Security Help. Just about every faith has been affected by violence or vandalism. FBI hate crime statistics show that in 2021, 1,590 hate crimes relating to religion were reported. Of those, the majority [...]

Religious Hate Crimes Continue; Extra Security Needed

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A Los Angeles area mosque was recently defaced with hateful words written on the columns of the building. The suspect was caught on camera and was eventually arrested, but it’s this type of crime that keeps those attending services on high alert. Enlisting the services of security guards at religious facilities is one way to [...]

Church Security Shaken: Vandals Hit San Juan Capistrano Church

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Church Security Shaken: Vandals Hit San Juan Capistrano Church (Credit: Mission San Juan Capistrano, Facebook) Sadly, even during the holiday season, churches and other houses of worship are not immune from vandals. Recently, criminals tagged a large wooden door of the 244-year-old Mission San Juan Capistrano in Orange County—a church that dates back to 1776 [...]