Theft of Large Construction Equipment on The Rise, Tighter Security Needed

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Construction machinery thefts are on the rise—expected to top between 10,000 and 11,000 thefts a year according to the National Equipment Register (NER), an equipment tracking and recovery company. Most equipment is stolen at night, making overnight construction site security necessary. Organized Crime Rings. In a recent Construction Briefing article, crime rings often case a [...]

Security Plan For Your Construction Site

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According to the National Equipment Register, construction site theft costs the construction industry up to $1 billion a year. Implementing a security plan for your construction site is essential. A thorough plan includes onsite security guards and real-time surveillance cameras. Site Theft. Construction sites have always been attractive targets for thieves for several reasons. Expensive [...]

Construction Site Theft: A $1 Billion Problem

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Thieves take as much as $1 billion in property from construction sites each year. Construction site security guards are one way to cut down on theft. What Thieves Take. According to Great American Insurance Company, the most common items that thieves target are copper wire and scrap metal, tools, generators, doors and windows, plumbing supplies [...]

Commercial Construction On The Rise; Security Guards Protect Materials and Property

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Construction is booming.  Manufacturing, commercial, communication and healthcare construction are leading the way throughout California and Arizona. These construction sites attract thieves looking for equipment and materials that can be sold quickly. Site managers are adding security guards to keep thieves and vandals away. A Security Plan. Each site, whether large or small, needs a [...]

Commercial Building Sites Need Strong Security

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U.S. commercial construction is a $230 billion-a-year industry. Unfortunately, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), losses from construction and farm equipment theft are estimated to be between $300 million and $1 billion annually. Besides equipment, thieves steal such items as copper wire, tools, generators and batteries. A strong security guard presence can stop [...]

Selecting A Construction Site Security Guard Company

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Selecting A Construction Site Security Guard Company Construction sites are a hub of activity, making it difficult to keep track of those who should be there, and those who shouldn't. Materials and equipment are often left unattended. All this can cause big security problems. Criminals can slip in through unmonitored entry points, pose [...]