Security Increases At Outdoor Restaurants

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Crime along popular boulevards in Los Angeles is increasing, including criminals robbing diners at outdoor restaurants. Security guards are being posted at these restaurants to protect patrons. Pandemic Crime. The pandemic forced many restaurants to open seating outside, often on sidewalks and parking lots. Outdoor dining offers the safety measures needed to reduce the spread [...]

Security Guards Help Protect The Asian Community’s Safety

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Security Guards Help Protect The Asian Community's Safety Cities are made up of a wonderful mix of communities and cultures. As we've seen in the news recently, individuals have been randomly attacked in public because of their ethnicity. Asian property owners in Oakland, California are hiring security guards to protect the public from these senseless [...]

Gun Violence – Our Society Continues To Struggle

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Gun Violence – Our Society Continues To Struggle Our country was once again rocked by mass shootings over the past two weeks. While these type of events had been somewhat dormant during the pandemic lockdown, they appear to be making an unfortunate comeback. Even during the lockdown, gun violence was on the rise. According to [...]

Our Hearts Go Out To Murdered Security Guard’s Family

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  Security guards go to work each day not knowing who or what they will encounter. They may be confronted with break-ins, vandalism, and on occasion, violent individuals. We are saddened to learn that a security guard, Calvin Munerlyn, who was on duty at a Family Dollar in Flint, Michigan, was shot after he told [...]