Security Guard Services: Find The Right Plan To Fit Your Needs

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Whether you need security guard services for an event, retail store, school, office building, construction site or other type of location, developing a security plan to meet your unique security needs is critical. One Size Doesn’t Fit All. Every site is different—the physical layout, the level of security needed, screening processes, and unique security concerns—all [...]

Security Guards Can Prevent Disgruntled Terminated Employees From Re-Entering Businesses

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Workplace violence can happen anywhere--small businesses, medical facilities, corporate offices, retail stores. In many cases, violence occurs when a disgruntled, recently terminated employee returns to seek revenge. Security guards can play a big role in preventing these former employees from entering the premises. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 453 U.S. workers were victims [...]

Gun Violence – Our Society Continues To Struggle

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Gun Violence – Our Society Continues To Struggle Our country was once again rocked by mass shootings over the past two weeks. While these type of events had been somewhat dormant during the pandemic lockdown, they appear to be making an unfortunate comeback. Even during the lockdown, gun violence was on the rise. According to [...]

Private Security Guards Ensure Vaccination Distribution Centers Remain Secure & Safe

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Private Security Guards Ensure Vaccination Distribution Centers Remain Secure & Safe In the coming months, cities throughout California and Arizona will begin receiving COVID-19 vaccines for distribution to the general population. Security guard companies are being asked to ensure vaccination distribution centers remain secure and safe, and those waiting for vaccinations practice proper health protocols. [...]

Summer Crime Spike Calls For Increase In Security Guard Coverage

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Every year, crime spikes in summer. This year is no exception even with stay-at-home orders. Experts believe that higher temperatures can make people more aggressive. Warmer temperatures also mean more windows are left open and people are away from home longer making residences inviting targets for burglars. The need for security guard patrols is at [...]