Home Depot To Add More Security Guards To Reduce Organized Crime Ring Activity

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  Home Depot CEO Ted Decker recently announced that the company would invest in more store security guards to stem organized retail crime theft and violence. Decker calls the problem an epidemic. Employees At Risk. Two Home Depot employees recently lost their lives after trying to stop thieves from leaving the store. Employees shouldn’t be [...]

Home Invasion Robberies, Assaults, Retail Crime All Up; Private Security Guards Patrol Neighborhoods, Streets and Stores To Help Stem The Crime Surge

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Home invasion robberies in affluent neighborhoods, assaults on pedestrians and store take-over robberies are a sign of a crime surge taking place in the Los Angeles area. Criminals are more bold and violent. Neighborhoods and retailers are hiring security guards to patrol their communities and properties to prevent these crimes from taking place, according to [...]

Retail Business Security Needs During COVID-19

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Retail Business Security Needs During COVID-19 Almost a year into the COVID-19 shutdown and it appears that many retail businesses will be impacted for many more months to come. Throughout the pandemic, security guard companies have adjusted their services as security needs changed. This security flexibility will need to continue for the foreseeable future. Some [...]

Retail Crime Increases During The Holidays—Will This Year Be Different?

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Retail Crime Increases During The Holidays—Will This Year Be Different? Even in these uncertain times, where many counties are limiting the number of customers in stores, retail crime is a big concern during the holidays. Retailers lose billions every year to shoplifters and organized crime rings. Will retail crime be just as prevalent this holiday [...]