Security Guards Patrol Parking Areas, Help Stop Catalytic Converter Thefts

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  More than 155,000 catalytic converters were stolen in 2022 according to Carfax. Catalytic converters contain precious metals that help filter out harmful elements from your engine’s exhaust. Thieves steal the converters to either sell them on the black market or melt down the precious metal contained in the converters and sell the metals. Parking [...]

Security Guards Protect Public Property

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Security guards protect public property to prevent crime and to keep everyone safe. Locations include public parks, beaches and lakes. Park, Beach and Lake Security Protection. Public parks and water locations sometimes attract unsavory individuals looking to cause trouble. A recent incident at a San Pedro beach where five people were shot is the latest [...]

Commercial Construction On The Rise; Security Guards Protect Materials and Property

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Construction is booming.  Manufacturing, commercial, communication and healthcare construction are leading the way throughout California and Arizona. These construction sites attract thieves looking for equipment and materials that can be sold quickly. Site managers are adding security guards to keep thieves and vandals away. A Security Plan. Each site, whether large or small, needs a [...]

Homeless Attacks on Workers Lead To Added Security In Los Angeles’ Union Station

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Random acts of violence by homeless people against workers at public transportation sites have prompted Los Angeles County officials to hire security guards to keep employees and riders safe. Under pressure from worker unions, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency agreed to add more security to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Employees are [...]

Film Crews Need Security Guard Protection As They Become A Robbery Target

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Film crews on location are becoming the target of robbery gangs, prompting the need for security guard protection. A Canadian film crew was filming in San Francisco recently when a gang of robbers stole camera equipment at gunpoint. About $35,000 of equipment was lost including the cameras' contents. Film Crew Security. Security guards stand watch [...]

San Francisco Vaccination Proof Requirements Put Restaurants In A Tough Position

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News reports of San Francisco area In-N-Out fast-food restaurants closing their indoor dining because management is unwilling to have employees ask customers for proof of vaccination shows the need for security guards to take on the responsibility. Security Duties. As more cities and counties require proof of vaccination before entering restaurants and other indoor public [...]

Security Needs Increase At School Board Meetings

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With California requiring most students and faculty to wear masks indoors at school, those who don't agree with the mandate are showing up at school board meetings. The result is often heated arguments and sometimes physical altercations. Security guards at school board meetings are becoming the norm. Keeping The Peace. School board meetings used to [...]

Security Guards Can Prevent Disgruntled Terminated Employees From Re-Entering Businesses

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Workplace violence can happen anywhere--small businesses, medical facilities, corporate offices, retail stores. In many cases, violence occurs when a disgruntled, recently terminated employee returns to seek revenge. Security guards can play a big role in preventing these former employees from entering the premises. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 453 U.S. workers were victims [...]

Retail Store Security Guards And Shoplifting Prevention

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One of the primary duties of retail store security guards is to prevent theft, and when necessary, stop thieves from leaving the store with merchandise. The job has become more challenging as brazen criminals storm stores and grab merchandise in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles and around the country. Store Security Policy. In [...]