Houses of Worship Around The Country Are Adding Security

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Houses of worship around the country are adding security guards and other security measures to keep their congregations safe. All Faiths Seeking Security Help. Just about every faith has been affected by violence or vandalism. FBI hate crime statistics show that in 2021, 1,590 hate crimes relating to religion were reported. Of those, the majority [...]

Homeless Attacks on Workers Lead To Added Security In Los Angeles’ Union Station

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Random acts of violence by homeless people against workers at public transportation sites have prompted Los Angeles County officials to hire security guards to keep employees and riders safe. Under pressure from worker unions, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Agency agreed to add more security to Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Employees are [...]

Access Patrol Services Provides Spanish-Speaking Security Guards

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Access Patrol Services (APS), a security guard company serving California and Arizona, provides bilingual Spanish-speaking security guards to businesses, events, shopping centers, medical facilities, schools and government entities. "Security guards need to be able to communicate effectively. In many cases, that means talking with individuals in English or Spanish," says Fahim Abid, APS security director. [...]

Synagogue Hostage Crisis Highlights Need For Strong Security Measures At Houses of Worship

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It seems that about once a year, we hear of a terrorist incident at a house of worship. The latest at a Texas synagogue ended without the loss of life of worshippers. That's not always the case. Those who survived credit their active-shooter training to help stay calm and then escape when they saw the [...]

Home Invasion Robberies, Assaults, Retail Crime All Up; Private Security Guards Patrol Neighborhoods, Streets and Stores To Help Stem The Crime Surge

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Home invasion robberies in affluent neighborhoods, assaults on pedestrians and store take-over robberies are a sign of a crime surge taking place in the Los Angeles area. Criminals are more bold and violent. Neighborhoods and retailers are hiring security guards to patrol their communities and properties to prevent these crimes from taking place, according to [...]

Home Invasion Robberies Reach Crisis Levels–Private Security Guards Patrol Neighborhoods

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Home invasion robberies in affluent neighborhoods are making headlines. Criminals are more bold and violent. Neighborhoods are hiring security guards to patrol their streets to prevent these crimes from taking place. Crime Without Remorse. Criminals don't care about their victims. Their focus is on stealing what they can. They know there is a lucrative market [...]

Crime Rings Steal $2,000 Worth Of Items In Just Two Minutes At CVS

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Organized retail crime occurs every three minutes at CVS stores around the country according to CVS' security director. Once in the stores, criminals need just two minutes to steal an average of $2,000 of goods. Large box stores are experiencing huge increases in crime. Security guards, placed strategically throughout a store, can do much to [...]

San Francisco Vaccination Proof Requirements Put Restaurants In A Tough Position

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News reports of San Francisco area In-N-Out fast-food restaurants closing their indoor dining because management is unwilling to have employees ask customers for proof of vaccination shows the need for security guards to take on the responsibility. Security Duties. As more cities and counties require proof of vaccination before entering restaurants and other indoor public [...]

Los Angeles’ November 4 “Proof of Vaccine” Requirements Triggers Need For Security Guards

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Beginning November 4, the City of Los Angeles will require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test result within 72 hours before being allowed to visit some indoor locations. Instead of asking staff to check everyone that comes through the door, business owners are turning to security guards for help. Businesses That Must Comply. [...]